Welcome to this webpage. This is where you can find information on mobile gaming, from industry news and analysis, and gaming behaviour. The information provided here is tailored for all audiences including mobile game developers and players.

First, the history of mobile gaming is shared. It enables us to trace back to the roots of the first ever mobile game, and the device in which the game was played on. It also details developments since the first known game and as such, help us appreciate gaming as it is today.

The performance of the gaming industry is also shared, with details provided pertaining to the top five countries in terms of gaming sessions, the consumer behaviour in the gaming industry and how gaming sessions are spent. Still, in the gaming industry, the articles shared enables the reader to understand why the competition has rapidly increased in the past three years. Issues such as high returns, the growth of customers, smart device availability, and its usage are among the factors mentioned.

Further, a description of the mobile gamers is given. This mainly comprises of demographic attributes such as age, gender, what drives them towards mobile gaming and what influences them towards downloading and playing these games. The articles pertaining to the mobile gaming industry are concluded through the examination of the future of mobile gaming in terms of what to expect.

Articles are also provided which describes the experience of mobile gaming. These range from the experience of advertisements, how games are designed to draw one into addiction and warning signs of addiction to gaming. The set of articles helps readers in deciding on what level of gaming is beneficial and the limits they ought to keep an eye out for.