With the development of games such as Pokemon GO, which integrates location properties through GPS with the gaming itself, innovations in the gaming industry are on the rise. The future of mobile gaming, therefore, lies in the transfer of some features in the high-end PC games in the mobile gaming arena and the enhancement of customer experience. Moreover, these games will focus on retaining and expanding the customer base from the existing loyal customers instead of seeking new target groups. Some of the issues and features to look out for include:

  • Enhancing the existing games through the addition of expansion packs – known only to the game console, the expansion packs ensure that there is continuity among consumers for new releases. This will increase the probability of customer retention.
  • The enhancement of graphics, visualisation, competitive elements of gaming and social media integration through cloud-based apps. This would further make the gaming experience more enjoyable, desirable and magnificent and create more loyalty.
  • The increase in development of mobile gaming apps for the adult audience – in the past, games were developed for children. However, nowadays, the majority of players are adults. This means that it is expected that developers will continue to come up with games that are more interesting and challenging for adults and not just children. Such games include casino games and e-sport and are likely to expand to other genres.
  • The decline of PC and console games – the convenience that comes with mobile games is likely to lead to a continued decline in game consoles.
  • Increased use of mini-games – developers are more likely to enhance the mini-games as methods of integrating social media. This will lead to a high level of achievement of a high level of social media engagement.
  • Increased revenues – as competition rises, mobile game developers will begin seeking strategic avenues through which more revenues can be collected from upcoming mobile game markets.

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